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Motorbike Community, or MBC as we affectionately call it, is an online forum that's dedicated to anything with 2 wheels and an engine. To us, it doesn't matter if you ride a crotch rocket, like a Hayabusa, or a 50cc moped. What's important to us, is that you're interested in biking, and want to be part of the community.

MBC isn't just an online forum, we really are a community. That's why we decided to call ourselves "Motorbike Community" rather than something like "Biker Forum". Being part of the biker community is very important to a lot of bikers, and we want that to translate to the online world as well. We regularly have ride outs and challenges for our members to complete. So why not register now and start taking part in our community?

Ride Outs & Member Map
MBC Member Map

We're very lucky to have a community that wants to ride so much (after all, what's the point in having a bike if you don't ride it). So we decided to create the member map to help our members find local riders to them, as well as arrange ride outs.

Great Team
We're lucky to have a great team of admins and moderators here at MBC. We're approachable, helpful, and we don't like abuse. So all of our members can join, safe in the knowledge that MBC is a friendly place to be.

We hope you love MBC as much as we do, and we look forward getting to know you in the forums!. If you have any feedback, we always want to hear it.

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